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Coca Cola 125th Anniversary Special Edition ‘Hutchinson’ bottles and 50's style soda bar at Selfridges
I went to check out the Selfridges sale and got distracted by the heritage inspired Coca Cola bottles! They are special editions to celebrate their 125th anniversary, sold at £1.99 each.

Some are straight long bottles called Hutchinson, which were first created in 1899. Others are classic curvy ones with the words ‘Coca Cola’ cast in the glass. They are sold in special white paper boxes at the Selfridges Food Hall or chilled at the Soda Bar on the Ground Floor, in the fashion department. It is manned by 50’s styled waiters and waitresses. Continue reading >>

Marmite– I must confess I belong to the ‘Hate it’ group.
Chocolate– l love it.
Marmite + chocolate= I have to try it! It is also eagerly anticipated by a lot of Marmite fans. 

I like the packaging. It is mysterious and seductive. Even non-Marmite fan like me want to give it a go. Continue Reading >>

Once upon a time, when Selfridges still gave out yellow plastic bags with old style drawings of the elevation of its building; before it rebranded itself as a young and trendy department store, a salt beef sandwich at The Brass Rail was the best thing to eat. In fact,  it was reknowned to be the best salt beef in London.

Now, with places like EAT, Yo! Sushi and Square Pie filling up the food hall, is the salt beef sandwich that has 33 years of history in Selfridges still the best choice there? Continue reading >>


I went to this exhibition at Selfridges’s Ultralounge to see the gilded erotic door knobs, which Kay Saatchi (one of the curators) said she loves. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. I could not tell how it could ever be used as a door knob- it was just a door decoration. (I sometimes find it hard to ‘switch off’ my practical head when I look at art) I am delighted, however,  to see that the quality of this gilding work is similar to that of mine, which left me dreaming that my gilded peach is actually of exhibition quality.

One lovely find in the exhibition was ‘Aletheia’ by Darren Harvey-Regan. (see photo above) I felt like I was invisible (as I had no reflection), spying on a bird looking into a mirror in a lightly lit room. Despite this, the bird’s eyes reminded me of Mona Lisa’s. They seemed to be able to tracking me down, wherever I moved around! Very clever!

Another interesting piece was the installation by Gavin Webber (photo above). When I walked through the space generated by the super thin mesh, the space changed according to my body movement- defining the space. Basic mechanics + careful choice of material. No fancy electronic sensors. It is simple and subtle. Fantastic! 


I wonder if there is something wrong with me. When everyone in town is talking about the new shoe lounge at Selfridges, I am actually more excited about the window display, created in association with the launch. But who could blame me? The shoe lounge is always packed with women (and poor guys who have to accompany their girlfriends to shop). True, there are lots of shoes. But there are also lots of people, including some desperate women who always grab whatever beautifully designed shoe I am admiring on all the beautifully designed stand). It is just not a joy to shop there!

There is a GIGANTIC sparkling high heel guarding the main entrance of the shoe lounge. It is big enough for me to climb in and sit inside- so I did! Though when I visited Selfridges again, I realised they have put a barrier in front to stop people from going inside- what a killjoy!

Anyway, each piece in the shop window is specially designed to show the style of the shop. It is very interesting.