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Plants growing towards the light in a propagator
Spring has arrived! Have you decided what food you are going to grow this coming year yet?

I started sowing the seeds using my propagator 3 weeks ago. There are many propagators in the market, ranging from £3 to £70. The one I use is self-watering and only cost around £7 from Homebase. This means that I do not need to water everyday- more time for myself! The most expensive range is usually self-heating. I do not see much point splashing out on one though as I found the seeds germinate just happily if I keep the propagator somewhere warm. Here is what the propagator looks like:

Self-watering propagator

(diagram by Homebase)

The propagator is very easy to use. I started by putting water in the hole so that the mat is touching the water properly. Continue reading >>

‘No’ was the answer I was given by others when I first started gardening.

‘Yes’ is the answer I tell you now. I have tried it and I have proven them wrong!

I fell in love with Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference piccolo tomatoes . They are beautiful on the vine, with vibrant red skin and dark green vine. They are tiny but burst with flavour. I struggled to source the seeds but did not want to buy little plants. Against everyone’s advice, I decided to extract seeds from the supermarket tomatoes directly.

I had never extracted any seeds before. Common sense told me that I should choose a pack of good and healthy looking tomatoes so that I could take their good genes. So I did.

I used a small spoon to remove the seeds from the best looking fruit from the pack. There was some sac around each seed. I was not sure whether I should remove it as it may carry special nutrients for the seed. I decided to carry out a control experiment to find out the answer. I kept one batch with the sac and washed it off in another batch. They were then germinated in similar conditions, ie. in a self-watering propagator.
Answer? It did not matter whether the sac was there or not! 

Not sure whether I would get anything from the seeds of supermarket tomatoes, I germinated some tomatoes seeds of other species which I ordered online. Afterall, it would be a bit depressing to have no crop in my first year!

How did it go?

To my surprise, the piccolo tomatoes were the best crop! It tasted even better than the supermarket ones as mine was fresher and ripened on the vine (not by gas!). I particularly loved the lemony aroma when I picked them from the vine.

My first Piccolo tomato harvest