Heston Blumenthal, chef of Fat Duck ( the 3 Michelin starred restaurant and one of the top 3 in the world) and Dinner (which explores ancient British receipes) collaborated with high- end supermarket Waitrose to create a range of food products from condiments to pies. Has he done a Marco Pierre White, who endorsed poor quality product for profit or has he really added colour to our meals at home? I have reviewed the Vanilla mayonnaise, steak, ale and kombu pie and Lapsang Souchong tea smoked salmon, here is the review of the coriander and rose salt.

This salt is officially the most expensive salt I have ever bought- £4.99 for 45g! It beat my last record of £4.49 for 250g for the Halen Mon sea salt. They are both from the Welsh Isle of Anglesy. The latter is plain salt. Heston’s one is mixed with ground coriander, rose petals, ground coriander leaf, ground ginger and green tea. The recipe is said to be inspired by a trip to the medina in Morocco. Continue reading >>