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The Queen of Hearts, the Red Queen, the White Queen, the Rabbit and the King of Hearts, Dining with Alice
Just what happened to the characters in Alice’s adventures when they were no longer needed in her dreams?

I went with five friends to find out as they hosted a special banquet at Elsing Hall, Norfolk. This banquet, Dining with Alice, was organised by Artichoke and Sky Arts, as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival.

Alices looking across the Lake, Dining with Alice
Built in 1470, Elsing Hall‘s landscape and architecture formed a great backdrop for the evening. On the way to the dinner reception, we bumped into Alice who was hiding in the maze. We also saw a lot of long dining tables, reminscent of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, scattered around the beautiful gardens. ‘Is this where we are going to eat?’ I wondered with excitement. {If you are going to attend, stop reading now as I am about to reveal some of the surprises}

Dining with Alice
The Queens and Kings arriving, Dining with Alice
While we waited for the Royals to appear (photo above), we nibbled on the Plungent Fleck (Kettle game chips and Victorian Dips, photo below) with the Hendrick’s Buck (Gin and Ginger Ale) in hand. Continue reading >>

Sometimes, when I find an event that I am really interested in, I get very excited and my heart starts to beat faster. I then have an unbeatable determination to get the tickets ASAP, convinced in my head that everyone else would want them too! Dining with Alice is one of them!

Admittedly, I don’t’ know all details about this event. But as it combines my 2 passions, eating and art, I know it cannot go that wrong. It is going to be a theatrical Victorian Banquet with the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and Alice (from May 12- 21 May 2011).  It is organised by Artichoke, of whom I am a great fan. I still remembered the magic they created a few years back in the streets of London with the gigantic robotic puppet elephant and the little girl (the Sultan’s Elephant) in 2006. The public went wild. Continue reading >>