One of the reason why I like visiting Japan so much is their lunch bento box. The variety is huge and packaging is art. Sadly, this kind of bento boxes cannot be found in London but simplified versions can be found in Japanese supermarkets (like Japan  Centre ) and Japanese restaurants. Among all, Eat Tokyo‘s teriyaki chicken bento box is the best.

chicken teriyaki bento box

At lunch time, customers can order grilled mackerel, chicken katsu or port katsu takeaway bento boxes from Eat Tokyo though my favourite is the chicken teriyaki. It is amazing. I have craving for it nearly every other week. The cook to order chicken (a generous portion) was tender and succulent, served on a bed of hot and soft Japanese rice,  complemented by a small salad (with its own dressing in a small bottle), a small miso soup and pickled vegetables. For £4.80, it was the best lunch bento box I have ever had in London. To eat-in, this meal would have cost over £7. The takeaway option is a bargain! Continue reading >>