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Baby pigeon with a full tummy
Have you ever seen a pigeon baby? Well, you have now. (photo above)

This little one has just been fed, as you can clearly see the birdfeed through its thin skin. A little creepy! Though it is also amazing and magical that in just a few weeks, it turns into a beautiful pure white Fantail pigeon like below.

White fantail pigeon
Or into a little odd but remarkable looking Frillback pigeon, which has bizarre curly feathers and ‘funky boots’, which are actually feathers on the feet! (photo below)
Frillback pigeon
Or an Indian Pigeon which is full of character and pride. Continue reading to check out more funky pigeons >>

Alphonso mangoes
I did not realise that I was surrounded by closet alphonso mango lovers until I happened to order a box of them while making an order online for my Lock & Lock airtight containers (curiously my suppliers of Lock & Lock containers also sell boxes of mangoes) . I started to get requests for add-on orders from my mango loving colleagues! And when the boxes of mangoes arrived, I received moans from others for not letting them know I was ordering in the first place. Apparently, alphonso mangoes are everyone’s secret favourite mangoes! (Ok, at least by those who sit around me in the office!)

Alphonso mangoes
What is so special about Alphonsos mangoes?
They are Continue reading >>