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Do they really have charcoal? Yes, 1.5% .

Both traditional cheese and fine goods shop  Paxton and Whitefield (established 200 years ago) and relatively younger  Dorset family baker Fudges (established in 1926) produce their own charcoal crackers. How do they compare?

The Paxton and Whitefield charcoal crackers have a stronger aroma. In terms of texture, they are firmer and are closer to oat cakes (but not as thick). They are very tasty. The Fudges ones, on the other hand, taste more bland but are a touch saltier. They are also thinner.

Both crackers are marketed as a complement to cheese. Which one you should go for really depends on the cheese you plan to have. However, if I were to have them on their own as a snack, I will definitely go for Paxton and Whitefield’s.

On thing worth mentioning is that you cannot buy Fudges charcoal crackers on their own. They are sold with oat & walnut crackers in a 180g box. This is rather annoying as I do not think the latter is that special and it has a whopping 14.2g of saturated fat per 100g! (charcoal crackers only have 1.2g) I always end up giving this half away!

Just in case you are wondering- none of the crackers claims to contain activated charcoal, which is the type of charcoal that can adsorb (not ‘absorb’ – read the Science here) harmful substances, eliminates bad breath or eases indigestion.

I have been having rice since I was a toddler. I love rice and I get excited when I discover new ways of eating it. This Korean mixed cereal +14 from Seoul Plaza 4 (136 Golders Green Road, London, NW11 8HB, Tel 020 8731 7999 ) is an interesting find.

14 cereals? Yes, it is a mixture of glutinous rice, brown rice, brown glutinous rice, barley grains, buckwheat rice, black glutinous rice, unshelled grains of adlay, hulled glutinous millet, millet, grains of kaoliang, green beans, red beans, mung beans and white beans.

I recommend cooking it with a little more water than normal or else it will feel a little dry. When the rice is cooked, it has a nice hint of pink (thanks to red beans!). It has a more stimulating texture than the usual soft white rice and it has a nice nutty flavour. It also has more fibre and hence aids digestion. You can use it to replace white rice to accompany any dish.