Who does not want a good deal, especially for big items like gas and electricity? I recently discovered that UK’s popular price comparison site uSwitch is not that accurate when it comes to domestic gas and electricity. Here are my tips in finding the best deal:

1. ONLY use uSwitch for initial search as it compares prices based on general average consumption pattern. It is not accurate enough.

uSwitch ask you for your post code, current supplier names, current method of payment for the bills, current plan names, your usage in the form of the cost of your last bill for example, how you heat your home (by gas or electricity?) and what you cook with. They then give you a list of companies and tell you how much you will save if you switch. 

However, uSwitch do not analyse how big your property is and nor do they analyse your energy throughout the year. This makes a big difference, especially when your case is not the same as an average household in your area, which uSwitch has assumed you to be in its analysis. e.g In my case I live in a flat but my area is dominated by 4 bedroom family houses. Through calculation, I discovered that uSwitch recommended the wrong plan and provider for me.

Hence I recommend you Continue reading about my tips to find the best gas and electricity supplier>>