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**Last updated on 5 November, 2011**
How well do you know you deli? You might know the food and drinks they serve. You might even have a favourite seat. But do you know the story behind it? As the first of the Behind the Scenes series, I talked to Amoul, chef and owner of a popular deli Amoul’s. Here is her story in her own words:

Amoul’s is….

Amoul’s is a different space to different people that frequent the place, some treat it as a coffee shop, some as a takeaway, others treat it as their home. There are some that think of it as their sanctuary and are very protective over it. For me I would like to think of the place as an extension of my home, in the sense that I cook exactly the same as I cook at home for my family and friends using only the best ingredients. Paying attention to every detail that goes on at the place from the hygiene to the quality and consistency of the food.

What made you decide to start a deli?

I started Amoul’s deli and catering in 2003, because I love good food and I enjoy cooking. I was disillusioned by most delis selling food with the label of home cooked, while it was prepared at industrial kitchens somewhere far away, and distributed by vans all over. Inspired by the slow food movement which is about preserving traditional ways of cooking I set out on my Journey. I wanted to offer a service where the customer would know the exact source of their food, everything locally sourced and seasonal. Continue reading about Amoul’s >>


Chocolate ice-cream with pig’s blood?

This is the kind of ice-cream served at Gelupo.  I had pig’s blood many times in savoury dishes but never in dessert. How could I resist trying it out?  Wondering whether it was just a gimmick, I asked the guy at the counter how much pig’s blood is in it exactly? ‘1 in 8’ he said. Exactly 1 in 8 of what? I had no idea as I already got distracted by the taster he handed out to me.

Sanguinaccio (its Italian name) does not taste like the pig’s blood I had before nor did it taste like human blood (I am sure most of us bite our lips and taste our own blood before). It has a hint of unique irony flavour, which goes very well with the smooth chocolate. I ordered it, together with one scoop Pistachio ice-cream. (photo below, right). It is a good combination as the latter is nutty and full of natural pistachio flavour. In all, the ice-creams feel lighter than some Italian ice-cream I had before.

There are some seasonal flavours on offer, like pumpkin with cinnamon (it’s around Halloween afterall!) My friend had a Ricotta, pear and cinnamon one, together with a Mirabelle plum sorbet. (photo above, left) He loved it though I think it was a little too sweet for my liking. I am not a sorbet person generally speaking though it does come in tempting flavours, like coconut and cachi. While we were there, we saw some being served in fresh fruits too! The ‘made to order’ service could be a refreshing treat for summer parties. Continue reading >>