Rick Stein's savoury oat biscuits with Davidstow cheddar cheese

How did Rick Stein managed to put his autograph on a biscuit?

I am pretty sure they are factory made. I know it is probably done by press but how could he get the line so sharp, crisp and deep into each biscuit? How could he stop the dough from getting stuck on the fine mould?

I must admit I only bought the biscuits because of Rick Stein’s smilely face on the box. It reminded me of his cookery programmes on TV about fresh and local produce and made me forget that I actually have been to his restaurant in Padstow and was disappointed by the over-priced but averagely tasted seafood. (I am so weak!)

How did the biscuit taste? I actually quite like it. I have to ration it to one piece at a time though as it contains 24% of fat.

If you have any idea what he might have done to put the autograph on the biscuits, please leave me a comment to let me know! Cheers! Continue reading >>