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Glam rock Hello Kitty

Just when cute and innocent Hello Kitty started to get popular in the UK, (they are now sold in trendy Topshop and even Harrods– the famous luxury store!), Japan and Hong Kong, where the cats have been popular for over 30 years, are now celebrating Christmas with the Glam rock version.

Sticking to the original Hello Kitty spirit, they still have no mouth…..

Colours used in winter fashion are generally a bit dull. Sometimes, I spend a while mixing and matching just to make sure that I do not look like I am going to a funeral. (!) 

Not any more! I am very tempted to get the tights shown above, designed by Les Queues de Sardines. They look cute! Simple but with great a sense of humor! They are all screen printed by hand in limited qualities. Continue reading >>

Everyone needs a pair of wellies.

On a depressing gloomy rainy day,  a nice pair of wellies that complement my outfit can certainly cheer me up.  Have a look at the recent addition to my collection- yellow boots! Instead of avoiding puddles like most ‘grown up’ do, I can jump into them! Instead of wearing any old pair of shoes, or rushing to A to B like most people, I can look good and enjoy my moments in the rain. I am surprised that not that many people do that!

I have a pair of Burberry black short wellies with 2 inche white  heels, white fold down details and side buckles. I love them! They are smart and formal. I even wear them to Client meetings! Who said wellies are only for festivals and in the countryside?!

Hunter, famous British wellymaker, paired up with glamourous shoe designer Jimmy Choo to create a collection of boots in black (photo below, left, taken from Hunter’s official site) and other striking colours like bright yellow and silver.

Wedgewelly created a similar look (photo above, right, photo taken from  Wedgewelly’s official site) at a fraction of the price, and you will look taller in wedges! Continue reading about Wellies >>

I wonder if there is something wrong with me. When everyone in town is talking about the new shoe lounge at Selfridges, I am actually more excited about the window display, created in association with the launch. But who could blame me? The shoe lounge is always packed with women (and poor guys who have to accompany their girlfriends to shop). True, there are lots of shoes. But there are also lots of people, including some desperate women who always grab whatever beautifully designed shoe I am admiring on all the beautifully designed stand). It is just not a joy to shop there!

There is a GIGANTIC sparkling high heel guarding the main entrance of the shoe lounge. It is big enough for me to climb in and sit inside- so I did! Though when I visited Selfridges again, I realised they have put a barrier in front to stop people from going inside- what a killjoy!

Anyway, each piece in the shop window is specially designed to show the style of the shop. It is very interesting.