About Winkypedia

Winkypedia is a mini encyclopedia about Winky’s adventure on food, food growing, art & design and product reseach.

Winky’s  parents  named  her after a character they  found on  the  cover  of  a  notepad, because it sounds like her Chinese name-穎琦.穎means ‘tip of rice crop’ and琦 means ‘beautiful and precious jade’.  Metaphorically speaking, she is supposed to be an outstanding and beautiful lady(!)

Winky on food

With food literally in her name, it is only natural that Winky loves food. While others might forget to eat when they are busy, she lives to eat. She enjoys discovering curious food and ingredients in shops,  restaurants or markets. That usually leads to interesting tasting/ cooking experiments.

Winky never forgets a good bite, whether it is a snack or a good meal in a restaurant. In Winky’s good book, she celebrates great food that makes her day. Only the ones that are good enough for recommendation full feature photos. Really, it is really not worth wasting time on average or bad ones. But if you want, you can read them in Winky’s bad book, together with other things she finds annoying.

Winky on growing her own food
Until 4 years ago, Winky’s only experience of  food growing was germinating a broad bean in wet cotton wool in primary school. She had a cactus when she was at university but it committed suicide. (!)

From her tiny garden, she now enjoys her own harvest of tomatoes, yellow courgettes, cherries, plums, pak choi, spinach, choi sum, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, salad, little gem lettuce, borage, lemon balm, parsley and chive. From ‘farm’ to ‘plate’, it can be under one minute! Food cannot get any fresher than this!

If a city girl like her can do it, so can you! Winky’s garden is an exciting place for experiments. She sometimes challenges general rules of gardening, like ‘you are not supposed to grow tomatoes using seeds from supermarket tomatoes’. To meet practical needs, she also tries to comes up with creative solutions. From stopping her neighbour’s cat from making a poo in her garden to putting her baby yellow courgette in ‘bandages’ and splint, Winky shares her gardening secrets. Growing your own food is a great hobby for the soul and the tummy!

Winky’s buying guide

Winky likes researching extensively before buying. Sometimes she does not rest until she is satisfied that what found is the best possible choice for the budget. It is probably a habit developed from working as an architect.  She is critical and straight talking. So there is no shortage of feedback in all her reviews and buying guides .

Winky on art & design

Having lived in London for over 16 years, Winky has developed an acute awareness and great interest in different cultures. With her diverse interests in art & design, both in a professional and personal aspect, she often has to travel and explore to gain inspiration and in order to create her own work. It is an interesting journey of discovery.


You can contact Winky by emailing Winky@winkypedia.net , by joining her on Twitter or Facebook.