The Front Row at London Fashion Week 2012
I had my little Anne Wintour moment at London Fashion Week 2012. Oh well, kind of. It was my first time attending a fashion show. I was excited.

Somerset House, London Fashion Week 2012
It was surprising to see how many people bothered to wake up early on a cold winter’s day to go and see the show. I woke up even earlier than I would do in a week day! That is the magic of fashion, I suppose?

Daks catwalk,  London Fashion Week 2012
We spent more time hanging around and queueing to get in than actually inside the show area. The show was finished in a matter of minutes. The atmosphere was great though- full of energy and anticipation. When the lights went off (signalling start of the show), the whole room went quiet. The spot light then went on suddenly, with the first model coming out to music.

Wall of photographer at  London Fashion Week 2012
The wall of photographers was intriguing. I could hear their firing of shutters even from a distance! Imagine how it is like walking towards them in bright spot light- what an experience! Actually, there is a possibility that the models could not see them that much because of the contrast of light. Anyway, it was certainly electric!

London Fashion Week
Apparently, the front rows are for journalists and potential buyers so I spent my time VIP spotting. Not that I could recognise most of them but I was told that the lady in strange red outfit (top photo) was an important writer.

'Energy station' for human and mobile phones at London Fashion Week 2012
There was not many freebie with this show, except energy charging station for mobile phones (Vodafone is London Fashion Week 2012’s main sponsor) and human, which is some fluorescent ‘health’ drinks that look very artificial and unhealthy.

We went to have a champagne breakfast after the show and enjoyed our little moment of glamour- not a bad way to spend a cold winter morning!

London Fashion Week 2012 finishes on 22 February – grab a ticket to check it out before it ends!