The perfect Irish coffee
On a cold day like this, what could be better than having a nice and warm Irish Coffee? I found out how to make a perfect one from Daphne who works for Ballymaloe, the famous culinary destination in Cork, Ireland.

Step 1: Warm the glasses with boiling water
The perfect Irish coffee- Warming the glasses
Step 2: Put a teaspoon of brown sugar in each glass
The perfect Irish coffee- Brown sugar for the Irish coffee
Step 3: Add a portion of Irish Whiskey to each glass. (Some likes to warm the whiskey first before pouring in)
The perfect Irish coffee- Adding Irish whiskey
Step 4: Fill up the glass with freshly brewed coffee up to about 1.5 inches from the edge of the glass
The perfect Irish coffee- Pouring the coffee
Last step: Pour in full fat cream.
Yes, it HAS to be full fat and this is the trade secret- no whipped cream or fresh cream. This is why the perfect Irish Coffee always gives a clear definition of black and white (just like Guinness!) – the full fat cream simply sits on top!
The perfect Irish coffee- full fat cream