I was curious and excited when I first saw these white beauty- pineberries. They are about the same size as wild strawberries, except that they look like their albino cousins. White body and red seeds- very odd looking indeed!

I like how they played tricks on my senses. While they looked like strawberries, pineberries actually carried an amazing sweet fragrance similar to that of pineapples. This aroma was even stronger at room temperature.

Just when I thought they would taste like pineapples, I was wrong again. They actually tasted a lot like wild strawberries, which have a strong and intense flavour comparing to normal strawberries. Exactly why are they white and red? I have no idea! Apparently, Pineberries begin life as green berries, just like normal strawberries. They then turn white gradually. By the time their deeply set seeds turn deep red, the white fruit is deemed ripe.

Inside the Pineberries
It is fun to eat and it is tasty. Though £4.99 for 100g, it might be the most expensive strawberries I am going to have this season! They are now available on the shelves of Waitrose for a  limited period. They first came out on 1st April last year when everyone thought it was an April Fool’s joke. But within less than an hour, they were completely sold out. I did not get to try any! I am glad that I had better luck this year!