Tilting teapot- filtering position
This teapot looks weird and wrong but I love it. It reminds me of the one in Beauty and the Beast, except this one actually can make me a cup of tea. Its comic looks actually comes with a functional design.

Tilting teapot- brewing position
When it lies horizontally, it is at brewing position (photo above) – tea leaves are mixed with hot water. When the brewing time is up, I then put the teapot in its tilted position (top photo). The built-in filter inside separates the leaves from the tea (photo below). The tea leaves are kept clear from the tea, so your tea does not stew.

Tilting teapot- filter
It can also stand upright in its serving position (photo below) so that it looks like a ‘normal’ teapot but really it can serve just as well at the titled position. Any refill can easily be done by putting hot water in the teapot and lying the teapot flat again (brewing position).

This teapot is great for brewing most teas except Japanese ones as due to their fine grind they seem to block the holes of the filter easily. A little extra care is required when pouring the water so that it does not flush the tea leaves out of the filter. It is a tea ceremony in its own right!

Tilting teapot- side view

I discovered this teapot while I was searching for a quirky birthday present. It is by German tea house Ronnefeldt. They seem to have a sole supplier in UK- Cup of Tea. For £47.30, it is not the cheapest teapot but it’s certainly one that can become a centrepiece at any tea party or dinner.

I went a bit obsessive and bought four already- one for me, the other three as gifts for friends and relatives!