After a great 3- course meal at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, I did not expect that I could eat another dessert an hour later, until I walked past Kula.

handmade Swedish waffle cones at Kula
Kula were clever- they left a basket full of waffle cones outside for people to try. They looked yummy! I felt peckish instantly. As soon as I looked up, I saw a curious rotary waffle making machine inside. That was it- I was hooked. I picked up a waffle piece and went in to watch. (What a better way to eat and watch people making waffles at the same time?)

rotating waffle device in action at Kula
It was therapeutic to watch the lady making the waffle cones. She was skillful and the rhythm of her hand movements was like a mini-performance. She could finish 6 waffle cones in 4 minutes! I had no idea what Swedish waffles are but for the first time, the waffle cones made me want to try the ice-cream! (normally it is the other way round!).

the ice-cream selection at Kula
Kula‘s website says it serves 35+ flavours of homemade and natural ice-cream. On the day we went, there were only about 15+. We tried some interesting flavours , for example honeycomb as well as ginger and rhubarb . The former was too sweet for my liking but it did have a strong honey flavour.

ginger and rhubarb ice-cream in freshly (hand)made waffle cone at Kula
I could not help but make a face when I tried the ginger and rhubarb one (photo above) as it was sharp and strong. (Yuck!) Though I was never a fan of Rhubarb so that probably was part of the reason. Gerald loved it though. He said it was one of the best ice-creams he has ever had. It was very refreshing.

chocolate truffle ice-cream in freshly (hand)made waffle cone at Kula
After 2 experimental rounds, I decided to go for a safe option- chocolate truffle (photo above). I was hoping it would complement well with the freshly made waffle cone, which had a hint of sweetness. And it did! I also like the fact that the cone was wide like a bowl. The ice-cream did not drip!

What are Swedish waffles? According to the menu, Swedish waffles are similar to the Belgian ones. They are usually served as an afternoon treat or dessert rather than breakfast, savoury (see photo above from Kula) or sweet. We did not try the soft waffles as we was a little full from lunch. But we would like to go back again, ideally on 25th March as it is Big Waffle Day in Sweden. It is to celebrate Spring with waffles with cloudberry jam and cream!

menu at Kula

Kula Cafe
Ice-cream in freshly made waffle cones for 2, £5.20 (no service charge)
21 James Street London, London, W1U 1DS
Tel: (020) 7998 1455

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