Only granola fills me up! I do not know why but it is true! Unfortunately Jordans, the big family miller, recently put up the sugar content of my beloved Superfood Granola by nearly 3g (now a shocking 19.9g of sugar per 100g of cereal!) I have to resume my search for the perfect granola for breakfast again!

Generally speaking, the choices of granola mix in high street shops are more limited than museli. It is good that I managed to find a few new ones in the market.

Swedish granola with strawberries & blueberries by Swedish Chef
The mix looked beautiful. The dried strawberries and blueberries were big and appetising. I was very excited. It claimed to be healthy with pumpkin seeds, crispy flakes and rice puffs etc. But it felt so light that I was hungry within an hour. It did not give me any feeling of indulgence a perfect granola should have. Definitely thumbs down!

The granola by Rude Health
It was a mix of oats, spelt flakes, honey, barley flakes, puffed amaranth and roasted hazelnuts etc. Honestly, it did not look attractive- it was just brown. But it was more substantial than the Swedish Chef one and the texture was great. However, it lacked the sparkles that I need to wake me up in the morning. It was too earthy. With a price tag of £5.99 for only 500g. I do not think it is worth it.

Southern Alps Kalkoura Organic Granola
No 15 Kaikoura Organic Granola by Southern Alps
This granola claimed to be free from gluten, additives and preservatives. It had rice flakes, buckwhat groats, rice puffs, conflakes, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, slow apple and slow apricots. I prefer granola that is lumpy but this one was not. But it was fun to eat and even though it felt light in the mouth, it actually filled me up in the tummy! Great! £5.99 for 445g- Hmmm, this one is pricey too!

dorset cereals honey granola
Honey granola by Dorset cereals
This granola had oats, sunflower seeds, flaked almonds, rye flakes, peacans and pumpkin seeds with a hint of honey. It had a great texture in the mouth. It was nutty, refreshing and substantial. Under £4 for 600g, it is affordable too. For now, it is my new favourite. (I have just found 2 new types of granola, so the search goes on!) No loyalty from me yet!

If you find any new granola on shop shelves, please feel free let me know! We can share tips!