pineapple bun with butterPineapple bun with butter 菠蘿包 is one of my favourite Hong Kong Cafe foods. Interestingly, pineapple bun 菠蘿油 actually contains no pineapple. It got its name thanks to its distinctive crust, which consists of a thin layer of sweet crumble that ‘dissolves’ in your mouth. They crumble layer on top of the bun is usually in the shape of a little dome. The bun looks like a pineapple, hence its name.

Pineapple bun is yummy on its own. But I simply cannot resist putting a slice of cold butter inside a freshly baked warm pineapple bun. I love having a bite just before the before the butter melts completely. The contrast in texture, taste and temperature is sensational! (Hence it was a great sacrifice for me to pause in order to take the photo above for you while the butter was melting! ) As I am kind of figure conscious, I do not normally like eating much butter. But I always make an exception for pineapple bun with butter. It is a real treat!

pork chop 'burger' with pineapple bun
Kum Doh in Mong Kok took a step further by putting pork chop in a pineapple bun. It was inspired by Macau’s popular classic- pork chop bun. Pork chop pineapple bun has a Hong Kong twist. How was it?

It looked like a hamburger! The pork chop was tender and well seasoned. A lot of people like it. But for me, it was not the perfect combination. I would like my butter back please!