I love roast goose. The best roast goose is cooked the Hong Kong way. In London, they replace the goose with its smaller cousin- duck. It is just not the same.

Roast goose

Geese have a crown on their head. There is also a signature net pattern that distinguishes themselves from the ducks. Of course, they are also larger and more meaty. In Hong Kong, the best place to have roast duck is at  Yue Kee in Shum Tseng. Every time I visit Hong Kong, I HAVE TO pay a visit there. There are other roast goose restaurants nearby. Some even have better decorated dining areas but they are just not as good.

crispy skin of roast goose

Every day since 1958, Yue Kee‘s roast geese are ready at 11:45am. I like going there around that time to enjoy nice warm goose. Their geese are big but not fatty. Most importantly, the skin is thin and crispy. Yum!

I highly recommend ordering rice noodles, 瀨粉 (called ‘lai fan’ in Cantonese), in soup to go with the roast goose- the all time Hong Kong classic! (Sorry forgot to take photo as I was too busy eating! They are similar to spaghetti in form but are made of rice instead)

fresh plum sauce
The classic dipping sauce for roast goose is fresh plum sauce. It is a made in heaven!

If you are brave, I recommend ordering the stir-fry goose offal. I love goose intestines but I only order it in decent goose restaurants. Otherwise, they might taste bad (like poo to be precise…)  Yue Kee‘s stir-fry goose offal consists of my beloved intestines, heart, liver and kidney etc. They are all fresh and tasty!

Stir-fry ofals 
The staff in the restaurant are all middle-aged men. They look like they have worked there all their lives. They are cheerful and friendly.

How did you get there? Here are the details. Enjoy!

Yue Kee