I love marshmallows. It tastes best toasted.

On cold winter nights, it is great fun to sit by the fire, toasting and enjoying marshmallows with family and friends. In summer,  it is also very nice to have it as a dessert at barbeques.

toasting marshmallow
For me, the best marshmallows for toasting are small ones that have chocolate filling. Sorry, I have eaten them all so I am showing the ones with strawberry jam instead

in the photo below.

I recommend putting the marshmallow on a long bamboo skewer (like the ones you use for satay) and hold it a good distance above the flame.

Remember: DO NOT put it in the flame or it will catch fire quickly. I understand it’s tempting (as I did it many times myself when I little) but a marshmallow on fire does not taste good!

marshmallow on fire It is good to rotate the marshmallow slowly while it’s toasting so that the heat is distributed evenly. The marshmallow turns soft and expands in size. When it has turned lightly golden on the outside, it is ready to eat! The thin caramelised skin opens up in your mouth to release the warm and smooth marshmallow insides. The hot chocolate filling makes the whole experience more interesting as it gives a different layer of texture to the experience. We had strawberry jam filling the other day. It was great too as the jam turned into strawberry syrup. Though it was a touch too sweet for my liking.