Marmite– I must confess I belong to the ‘Hate it’ group.
Chocolate– l love it.
Marmite + chocolate= I have to try it! It is also eagerly anticipated by a lot of Marmite fans. 

I like the packaging. It is mysterious and seductive. Even non-Marmite fan like me want to give it a go.

Each bar has 2% Marmite and 98% milk chocolate. I know I am supposed to say it has the classic aroma of Marmite but it really smelled like a packet of crisps to me. In terms of taste, I like the savoury, sweet and chocolate confusion created on my taste buds. Though this is probably what I would get if I ate a packet of crisps and then a bar of milk chocolate shortly afterwards. Or I could just spread some Marmite on a bar of milk chocolate before eating. It had a salty aftertaste, very salty.

This chocolate can be a great party trick though. I can magine serving my guests a selection of chocolate with dark, milk, milk and Marmite all on a tray (with no packaging) and let them discover this in the mouth themselves. It will be a very peculiar experience for them indeed!

Am I a new convert to Marmite? Hmm, not by this chocolate!

Marmite Very Peculiar milk chocolate
Available at Selfridges for £2.99 or online