This Italian exercise bike by Ciclotte is not one that just sits in the room and remains unnoticed. On the contrary, it is designed to be looked at! And this was exactly what I did when I first walked past it- I stopped and stared. What a curious object! It is a simple ring with 2 bunny ears (handle bars), saddle, pedals and 2 bunny feet (stablisers). It looks like it is going to hop around in any second.

How is it as an exercise bike?
Well, it is quite an exercise to just adjust the height of the saddle- it is stiff (should be able to improve with a bit of WD40) and it moves along the ring. There is a touch pad on the side of the ring for you to adjust the level of difficulties. It is not an exercise bike to train you for Tour de France and there is no holder for your drinks on the side either. But it is certainly one that is good for those who want a bit of exercise and a bit of beauty in the living room. It comes with a Euro 8000 price tag (excl. VAT) though. Of course, with that price, you can put ‘personalised messages’ on the ring.

*photos taken from Ciclotte’s website