Everyone needs a pair of wellies.

On a depressing gloomy rainy day,  a nice pair of wellies that complement my outfit can certainly cheer me up.  Have a look at the recent addition to my collection- yellow boots! Instead of avoiding puddles like most ‘grown up’ do, I can jump into them! Instead of wearing any old pair of shoes, or rushing to A to B like most people, I can look good and enjoy my moments in the rain. I am surprised that not that many people do that!

I have a pair of Burberry black short wellies with 2 inche white  heels, white fold down details and side buckles. I love them! They are smart and formal. I even wear them to Client meetings! Who said wellies are only for festivals and in the countryside?!

Hunter, famous British wellymaker, paired up with glamourous shoe designer Jimmy Choo to create a collection of boots in black (photo below, left, taken from Hunter’s official site) and other striking colours like bright yellow and silver.

Wedgewelly created a similar look (photo above, right, photo taken from  Wedgewelly’s official site) at a fraction of the price, and you will look taller in wedges!

I discovered that Hunter US have a different and more interesting range of products. My favourite is Verbier, which are wedged ones with bright red lace at the back. Sexy!

Brides can have their wellies made for their special day with satin ribbon and bespoke messages written in crystals.

For those who like to add a bit of personalised graffiti on their wellies, Wellieart have a special set just for that.

Special tips for choosing your wellies:

1. Always get a size up from your normal shoe size as you probably would prefer to wear them with socks.

2. If you are petite, pay attention to the boot height. Your legs will look longer and slimmer if you choose boots that are about 3 inches below the bottom of your knee when you are standing. Avoid ones that wrap around the middle of your calf as that would make it look fat- unless you are super slim, of course!

3. If you are petite like me, you are in luck! You might be able to get boots that fit you well and at lower price as well. How? By getting the children ones! My yellow boots are ‘Young Hunter’ and they are much cheaper than the adult version. (VAT free!)

4. If you have wide calves, don’t worry- A number of wellies manfacuturer’s have special range just for you.

5. Where can you get a good bargain? I definitely recommend buying them online. You can get big discounts compared to shops and Country fairs. I bought my new one from garden4less. They are so confident they are the cheapest online that they offer a price matching service! (I checked and checked- it was indeed the cheapest!)

6. How can I look even better in my boots? You can get special socks to create your own style- from  furry, woolly to colourful. They also keep you nice and warm! Below is just a glimpse of what you can get. You can have endless combinations!

Enjoy the rain!!