What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park- a bit of a walk, a bit of art and a bit of a treasure hunt!

Equipped with our free guide from the Serpertine Gallery, it did not take long before we spotted our first treasure from a distance.

It was the Sky Mirror 2006! It looked beautifully surreal but it also seemed ‘natural’. I could not stop imagining a bird accidentally flying into it!

Non-Object (Spire) 2007 (below) was interesting. Even though there was a small crowd around, I only saw abstracted reflection of the sky and the surrounding trees. We had some fun creating our own interpretation of this piece too!

C-Curve 2007 (below) is the most popular among the crowd, especially children. As its name suggests, one side of the mirror is a concave and the other side is convex. Even though I have seen plenty of this kind of mirror in the Science Museum before, the scale and the location of this one made it special. As I walked around, I could see how this ‘ribbon’ of mirror transformed. It was fun!

Having said that, I wish the crowd was smaller so that I could see more of the park, less of the crowd. I recommend going there early in the morning to get absorbed into the surrounding. It would no doubt be amazing.

Beware of the children! They got over excited with this piece and most parents failed to control them. One child left a muddy foot mark on my brand-new jacket as his parent struggled to lift him up to leave.

By the end of our walk, the weather turned bad and it started to rain (typical London!) Nature created a dramatic backdrop for Sky Mirror, Red 2007. It would be even more fantastic if one of the swans flapped its wings in front of the red mirror. Of course, with no bread on me, the swans did not give me a glance!