Different plants need different nutrients. It is important to use the right fertilisers for the right plants so that they can grow healthily and produce good crops in return.

If you are growing different crops in small quantities, it can be quite costly and troublesome to buy special fertilisers for each crop. If you only want to invest in one good all round fertiliser, I recommend the natural seaweed extract. It is rich in nutrients and can build up a plants’ resistant to stress, pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions. Personally, I use it alternately with other specialised fertilisers but sometimes I just use it on its own when I do not have time.

Seaweed extract generally comes in 2 different forms: liquid and powder. They are used pretty much in the same way, ie. with added water. You add a certain portion of extract to a certain portion of water according to the instructions before pouring into the soil or spraying it onto the plant. Personally I prefer the powder version because it is neater to use. >>As they have yet to apply the anti-drip design (like the fabric conditioner’s) to the cap which is also used as a measuring tool, the liquid tends to get everywhere around the bottle.

Solsea is a natural seaweed extract I have been using for a while. It is organic, extracted from Norwegian kelp which grows along the shorelines of the North Atlantic Ocean. It has no addictive and preservatives. It comes with a little scoop for you to use as a unit of measurement. It is easy to use and compact for storage. Sometimes the powder gets into my nails but I usually wash it off over the watering can so that every bit of powder is re-used! It is a good all round fertiliser because it has rich mix of nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids and natural plant hormones which help to develop bigger and stronger plants. This also means better quality and more food for me!

Where do I get my Solsea?

I bought a 250gm (£12.95) Solsea from Marshalls online before. However, I discovered from the pot it came in that I can get it more cheaply directly from Solsea (£8.99). For any order that is over £20, they provide free delivery (even more savings!) Last year, I ordered 3 and shared it with my friends. Generally speaking, I use about 1.5 pots for all my crops every year. I would probably use more if I used it solely with no other fertilisers.