I went to this exhibition at Selfridges’s Ultralounge to see the gilded erotic door knobs, which Kay Saatchi (one of the curators) said she loves. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. I could not tell how it could ever be used as a door knob- it was just a door decoration. (I sometimes find it hard to ‘switch off’ my practical head when I look at art) I am delighted, however,  to see that the quality of this gilding work is similar to that of mine, which left me dreaming that my gilded peach is actually of exhibition quality.

One lovely find in the exhibition was ‘Aletheia’ by Darren Harvey-Regan. (see photo above) I felt like I was invisible (as I had no reflection), spying on a bird looking into a mirror in a lightly lit room. Despite this, the bird’s eyes reminded me of Mona Lisa’s. They seemed to be able to tracking me down, wherever I moved around! Very clever!

Another interesting piece was the installation by Gavin Webber (photo above). When I walked through the space generated by the super thin mesh, the space changed according to my body movement- defining the space. Basic mechanics + careful choice of material. No fancy electronic sensors. It is simple and subtle. Fantastic!