Chef Marco Pierre White has worked in partnership with Russell Hobbs, a well-known cookware manufacturer, to develop a range of cookware called GreenPan.

“I have worked closely with Russell Hobbs and GreenPan to design and develop a range of professionally inspired cookware to help make life easier for you in the kitchen… when you try them I am confident you’ll notice the difference.” said Marco.

Russell Hobbs claims that this cookware is one of the FIRST in the world to use this UNIQUE, NEW, non-stick Technology: Thermolon™. It has no PTFE,  no use of PFOA and it has high heat resistance up to 450°C. It has exceptional non-stick capabilities. It is easy cleaning and it has life time guarantee.

I was very excited when I got hold of the 18cm GreenPan. With such a hype, you can imagine how disappointed I was when I found out how ‘sticky’ this non-stick pan actually was. I followed the instructions very carefully and made sure that whole pan was fully oiled before putting anything in. Result? I still cannot even fry an egg in it without getting egg stuck to the pan. I have to soak the pan each time after I use it before I can clean it. I cannot believe it!

I wrote to Russell Hobbs to raise my concern and inquired about the life time guarantee. I never got any reply back. Not only do they supply a product of poor quality, they have poor after sale service. Thumbs down!

In protest, I have also decided to boycott all Marco Pierre White’s restaurants. It is irresponsible for any chef to endorse a product like this!

I am going to stick to my Stellar hard anodised aluminium cookware for now.